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String Orchestra

The Confectioner’s Handbook

    STRING ORCHESTRA WITH SOLOISTGUITAR DUO, minimum 4•3•3•2•1 Composed: 2022Duration: ca. 12 minutes Programme Note: Published in 1883, The Confectioner’s Handbook, is a practical guide to the art of sugar boiling. A successful sugar boil requires the right equipment, and very precise temperatures. It can go… Read More »The Confectioner’s Handbook

    In the Time of Our Disbelieving

      STRING ORCHESTRA minimum 5•4•3•3•1 Duration: 12′ Composed: 2020 Excerpt: Premiere: I Musici de Montréal, Jean-Marie Zeitouni, conductor, November 12, 2020 (Livestream); August 2, 2021, Ottawa.

      Indelible Lines, Invisible Surface

        STRING ORCHESTRA WITH SOLOISTSOLO OBOE, minimum 6•6•4•4•2 Duration: ca. 12 minutesComposed: 2000 Programme Note: We have just come out of our most violent century.   War, terrorism, and other atrocities  produced death and suffering unrivaled in our history.  Ancient hatreds, passed from generation to generation, continue… Read More »Indelible Lines, Invisible Surface

        Rains of Ash and Embers

          STRING ORCHESTRAminimum 6•6•4•4•2 plus 2 Harps Duration: ca. 7 minutesComposed: 2019 Programme Note: 2018 has gone on record as the worst fire season in Western Canada.  It broke the record which was set the previous summer, 2017.  Close to 13,000 sq km of British Columbia… Read More »Rains of Ash and Embers

          Circadian Rhythms

            STRING ORCHESTRAminimum 6•6•4•4•2 Duration: ca. 14 minutesComposed: 1997 Programme Note: Circadian Rhythms was commissioned by CBC Radio Music for the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra’s 1997/98 concert season.  It was written between September 1996 and February 1997.  The title refers to our solar day biorhythms.  This piece… Read More »Circadian Rhythms

            Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer