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Dance Me To Your Beauty With a Burning Violin

    1 violin, 1 piano

    Duration: ca. 11 minutes
    Composed: 2002

    Programme Note: “Dance Me to Your Beauty With a Burning Violin” was commissioned by the CBC for Duo Concertante.  It is a single-movement work lasting approximately 9 minutes, and one which tests the virtuosity of the players in many ways.  There are solos that touch both ends of the musical spectrum, from fast and aggressive to slow and lyrical; there are extremes in register that must be carefully controlled; and there are fast passages that weave together to form a thick counterpoint.

    This is one in a series of pieces which are inspired by the poetry of Leonard Cohen, and the second from one particular poem, “Dance Me to the End of Love”.  The musical richness of the words is obvious; the symbolism of finding beauty in difficult things is compelling.

    Premiere: First performance by Duo Concertante, St. John’s, July 2002.

    Recording(s): Recorded by Duo Concertante on Atma Classique


    Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer