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En el Escuro, es Todo Uno

    SOLO HARP AND CELLO, 2*2*2*2  4*2*2*1 Timpani (5 drums), 2 Perc, Piano/Celeste, Harp, Strings, [Percussion Requirements:  Percussion 1: Crotales, Pair of Rattles (or rainstick), Darabuka (or bongos), Clave, Snare Drum, Xylophone, Percussion 2: Chimes, Lar

    Duration: ca. 20 minutes
    Composed: 2018

    Premiere: First performance, Rachel Mercer, cello, Erica Goodman, harp, and the McGill Chamber Orchestra, Yoav Talmi, conductor, October 15, 2018.

    Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer