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Lines of Movement

    CHAMBER MUSIC harp trio
    1 flute, 1 viola, 1 harp

    Duration: ca. 12 minutes
    Composed: 2011

    Programme Note: In the early part of the twentieth century, artists were exploring a couple things.  The Cubists were interested in still life and portraits and fracturing these forms into simpler objects.  The Futurists were interested in movement and speed.  One of the founding members of the Futurists was Giacomo Balla who spent much of his career studying the dynamics of movement and speed.  He was concerned with how to create the illusion of motion and speed in his paintings.

    From this inspiration comes the harp trio, Lines of Movement.  Although it is much easier to address speed, motion, and direction in music, momentum is still an engaging topic.  How you build, maintain, or diffuse the energy of moving lines is critical in making a successful piece of music.  The trio is approximately 15 minutes in duration and is divided into 3 movements:  Propel, Transfix, and Whirl.  The first movement (Propel) is about overcoming the initial resting state and reaching a dynamic level of activity.  The second movement (Transfix) begins with a harp solo.  The entire movement is very static and features a chaconne-like passage over which the viola and flute have solo lines.  The third movement (Whirl) is an ecstatic and energetic finale that has almost no points of rest or inactivity.

    Lines of Movement was commissioned by Judy Loman for the Eleventh International Harp Congress.  The piece is dedicated to Judy with great admiration.  The composer acknowledges the generous financial support of The City of Ottawa and the Ontario Arts Council.

    Premiere: First performance by Nora Schulman, Rennie Reaghr, Judy Loman, Vancouver 2011.

    Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer