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    CHAMBER MUSIC clarinet trio
    1 clarinet, 1 violin, 1 cello

    Duration: ca. 12 minutes
    Composed: 2000

    Programme Note: This piece, commissioned by the Music Canada 2000 Fund for James Campbell and the Festival of the Sound, evokes scenes from Murphy’s home province. The “Alberta Clipper” is a winter storm which brings swirling wind and biting cold over the mountains. Two variations of Alberta clippers are Saskatchewan screamer and the Manitoba mauler.  Like the weather, the music whirls by with restless energy. The sun rises slowly in “Horizon at Dawn.” Each feature of the landscape is gradually illuminated and the tranquillity remains unbroken. The “Hoe-down” brings to life the spirited dance with virtuosic “fiddling”.

    Premiere: First performance by James Campbell, Parry Sound, July 2000.

    Recording(s): Recorded by James Campbell and Land’s End Chamber Ensemble.

    Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer