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Search My Heart (as I run this race)

    CHAMBER MUSIC piano trio
    1 violin, 1 cello, 1 piano

    Duration: ca. 8 minutes
    Composed: 2013

    Programme Note: Search My Heart (as I run this race) is a single-movement work lasting roughly 8 minutes.  It was written for Trio Alba in 2013, and given its world premiere in 2014.  The title comes from an African-American spiritual called Guide My Feet While I Run This Race, which also gained popularity as a civil rights protest song in the 1960s.

    I used the text of the song to frame the experience of this young piano trio embarking on a professional career in the 21st century.  There will be struggles and challenges as they enter the somewhat diminishing world of classical music.  Their hearts are set on carrying on the tradition.

    Musically, I explored the thesis by introducing each of the instruments one by one in a free and expressive opening.  They each have a chance to demonstrate their individuality, and vulnerability.  After this they come together in a fast and aggressive swirl of activity that never lets up.  It demonstrates unity, youthful energy, urgency, and commitment.

    Premiere: First performance by Trio Alba, Graz, Austria, 2014.

    Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer