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    CHAMBER ORCHESTRA WITH SOLOISTSOLO VIOLIN AND PERCUSSION, 1•1•1•1  1•0•0•0, Harp, 2•1•1•1•1 Duration: ca. 17 minutesComposed: 2008 Programme Note: Over a span of 100 days in 1994, the Rwandan genocide, by conservative estimates, claimed the lives of 800,000 people. General Roméo Dallaire was an eyewitness to… Read More »Dallaire

    Blood Upon the Body, Ice Upon the Soul

      ORCHESTRA WITH SOLOISTSOLO VIOLIN, 2*2*2*2  4*3*3*1 Timpani (5 drums), 2 Perc, Piano/Celeste, Harp, Strings, [Percussion Requirements:  Percussion 1: Chimes, Xylophone, Roto-toms, High Suspended Cymbal, Tam-tam, Crotales (set) with bow and beater, Finger Cymbals, Wind Chimes ( Duration: ca. 20 minutesComposed: 2006 Programme Note: Blood Upon… Read More »Blood Upon the Body, Ice Upon the Soul

      Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer