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The Book of Elegant Feelings


    Duration: ca. 10 minutes
    Composed: 2017

    Programme Note: The concept of elegance in science and mathematics refers to simplicity.  Mathematical elegance is exhibited when a theorem is surprisingly simple yet effective.  In chemistry one might strive for elegance in theory, method, technique, or procedure.  There is directness in elegance.  It occurred to me that human feelings could be considered elegant.   Although we have a wide range of emotional responses that can vary in depth, they can probably be placed into simple categories.  Does categorization change the interpretation of these feelings?

    In this piece for solo cello, I wanted to explore a limited number of melodic and harmonic ideas with the largest degree of colour possible.  There are notes that might be the same pitch but have a completely different sound because of where they are played on the instrument.  The tonality can be obscured if the notes that are sounding do not provide a reference to a major or minor scale.

    The Book of Elegant Feelings was written for Cameron Crozman in 2017, for his recording project celebrating pieces created for the 1696 Bonjour Stradivarius.

    Premiere: First performance by Cameron Crozman, May 2017.

    Recording Included on “Ricercari” album featuring Cameron Crozma, cello. Released by ATMA Classique.

    Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer