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The Unstoppable Fear Machine

    soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, and piano

    Composed: 2023

    Duration: 12 minutes

    Programme Notes:

    The Unstoppable Fear Machine ©2023

    1. Thought Compressor
    2. Pulse Regulator (Illusion of Calm)
    3. Flight

    Fear is a fundamental and deeply wired reaction that has evolved over time.  It is supposed to protect us from a threat to our existence.  The Unstoppable Fear Machine, confronts the idea that the world we live in today is the machine of torment and upset.  We react in our hard-wired ways:  fight or flight or freeze.  Each of the three contrasting movements explores the premise, ending with flight.

    The Unstoppable Fear Machine was commissioned by Preston Duncan and funded by a consortium of saxophonists from around the world.  Read more about the consortium here [PDF].

    World Premiere: Italy, August 2023

    Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer