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This is the Colour of My Dreams

    SOLO CELLO, 2*2*2*2  4*3*3*1 Timpani (4 drums), 2 Perc, Piano, Strings [Percussion Requirements: perc. 1:  4 suspended, cymbals (Low, Med. Low, Med., Med.High), crotales (A), brass wind chimes, multiple triangles (varying sizes), suspended, bass drum, med

    Duration: ca. 10 minutes
    Composed: 1997

    Programme Note: This is the Colour of My Dreams was commissioned by the CBC for Shauna Rolston, and was written between January 4 and June 4 of 1997.  It is a single-movement concerto in four sections and lasts under 10 minutes. The title comes from a surrealist painting by Joàn Miro called Photo:  Ceci est la couleur de mes rêves.  The painting is stunning in its simplicity and directness.  It consists of a single blue smudge, with the words of the title written in a calligraphic style beneath it.  It seems to me to pose this question:  If you could take a snap shot of Miro’s dream, would it develop as the isolated blue point?

    This led me to think about our habit as a society of dreaming, wishing, hoping, striving to fulfill a goal that may, to others

    Premiere: First performance by Shauna Rolston and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto, November 5, 1997

    Recording(s): Recorded by Shauna Rolston and the CBC Radio Orchestra, Mario Bernardi, conductor.

    Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer