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Final Glimpse

    CHAMBER MUSIC duet 2 cellos and tape Duration: ca. 10 minutesComposed: 2019 Programme Note: Commissioned by Toronto Summer Music Garden for VC2. Premiere: First performance by VC2, Toronto, July 2019.

    Dr. Blue’s Rapidly Deployable Escape Ladder

      CHAMBER MUSIC duet 2 pianos Duration: ca. 10 minutesComposed: 2022 Programme Note: Commissioned by Duo Octavian. Premiere: First performance by Carson Becke and Suren Barry, Ottawa, July 23, 2022.

      Glacial Ablations

        CHAMBER MUSIC duet 1 Oboe, 1 Piano Duration: ca. 10 minutesComposed: 2022 Programme Note: Chip Hamann invited me to create a new piece for oboe and piano for a recital and recording project featuring a number of Canadian composers.  The theme for the project was… Read More »Glacial Ablations

        And the Sun Brought Darkness

          CHAMBER MUSIC duet1 Trombone, 1 Piano (uses E-bow) Duration: ca. 10 minutesComposed: 2022 Programme Note: I.II. On March 13, 1989 the entire province of Quebec suffered an electrical power blackout.  What made this different from other blackouts was that it was caused by a solar… Read More »And the Sun Brought Darkness

          The Swan Parapraxis

            CHAMBER MUSIC duet1 violin, 1 cello Duration: ca. 7 minutesComposed: 2018 Recording(s): Recorded by Yolanda and Carmen Bruno, 2019 release.

            Dynamic Sequences

              CHAMBER MUSIC duet1 alto saxophone, 1 piano Duration: ca. 14 minutesComposed: 2012 Programme Note: Artists at the beginning of the twentieth century were exploring a couple main areas. The Cubists were interested in still life and portraits and fracturing these forms into simpler objects. The… Read More »Dynamic Sequences

              The Lonely Road (after F.H. Varley)

                CHAMBER MUSIC duet1 cello, 1 piano Duration: ca. 6 minutesComposed: 2010 Premiere: First performance by Roman Borys and Jamie Parker, Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, August 2010.

                Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer