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Final Glimpse

    CHAMBER MUSIC duet 2 cellos and tape Duration: ca. 10 minutesComposed: 2019 Programme Note: Commissioned by Toronto Summer Music Garden for VC2. Premiere: First performance by VC2, Toronto, July 2019.

    All My Love, Ethel

      VOCAL SOLO Soprano and Piano Duration: ca 12 minutesComposed: 2019 Programme Note: Commissioned by the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival for Emili Lossier and Féderic Lacroix. Sets letters by Ethel Rosenberg while on death row. Premiere: First performance by Emili Lossier and Fréderic Lacroix, Ottawa, August… Read More »All My Love, Ethel

      The Confectioner’s Handbook

        STRING ORCHESTRA WITH SOLOISTGUITAR DUO, minimum 4•3•3•2•1 Composed: 2022Duration: ca. 12 minutes Programme Note: Published in 1883, The Confectioner’s Handbook, is a practical guide to the art of sugar boiling. A successful sugar boil requires the right equipment, and very precise temperatures. It can go… Read More »The Confectioner’s Handbook

        Smoke Darkened Sky

          SOLO piano Duration: ca. 10 minutesComposed: 2021 Programme Note: The pandemic has seared many images into our consciousness.  For me, one that made a deep impression was during the second wave in India.  There were so many deaths from Covid that the funeral pyres, which were burning… Read More »Smoke Darkened Sky

          The Book of Elegant Feelings

            SOLOcello Duration: ca. 10 minutesComposed: 2017 Programme Note: The concept of elegance in science and mathematics refers to simplicity.  Mathematical elegance is exhibited when a theorem is surprisingly simple yet effective.  In chemistry one might strive for elegance in theory, method, technique, or procedure.  There… Read More »The Book of Elegant Feelings

            One For Solitude

              SOLOviolin Duration: ca. 5 minutesComposed: 2010 Programme Note: “I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society.” – Henry David Thoreau One for Solitude for solo violin was commissioned for the Concours Musical International de Montréal as the… Read More »One For Solitude

              Let Hands Speak

                SOLOpiano Duration: ca. 8 minutesComposed: 2003 Programme Note: Let Hands Speak was commissioned for the Fourth Honens International Piano Competition as the imposed piece to be played by all twenty-one finalists.  As a work that is meant to showcase the individual talents of pianists who… Read More »Let Hands Speak

                Star Burning Blue

                  SOLOpiano Duration: ca. 10 minutesComposed: 2000 Programme Note: Star Burning Blue  was commissioned by the Esther Honens International Piano Competition for Maxim Philippov; first laureate of the 1996 competition.  It is a single movement work lasting approximately 8 minutes, and roughly depicts the life cycle… Read More »Star Burning Blue

                  Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer