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Sur les pas de la lune

    CHAMBER MUSIC voice + quintet
    1 mezzo-soprano, 1 flute, 1 clarinet, 1 violin, 1 cello, 1 piano

    Duration: ca. 15 minutes
    Composed: 2004

    Programme Note: Sur les pas de la lune was commissioned by the CBC for Rose Marie Van der Hooft and the Winnipeg Chamber Music Society.  It sets the text of postwar French poet, Philippe Jaccottet**.  The poem contains wonderfully rich symbolism that is very elemental – moon, water, earth, grass – and a timeless message of overcoming the obstacles in one’s life.

    The setting is for the most part slow, soft, and contemplative.  The voice is used in a vocalize style at the beginning and end.  When the voice enters with text, she is completely alone.  It is really an ensemble piece where the voice weaves in and out of the texture as an equal instrument.  

    **Sur les pas de la lune, excerpt from L’ignorant, by Philippe Jaccottet, © 1957, Editions Gallimard.

    Premiere: First performance by Rose Marie Van Der Hooft and the Winnipeg Chamber Music Society, January 25, 2004

    Score Excerpt [PDF]

    Performed by Rosemarie Van Der Hooft and the Winnipeg Chamber Players.
    Kelly-Marie Murphy, composer